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I'm just showing that I still exist. But only on Tumblr~
Greetings From Tumblr
Kyro : Ooooh boyo, it has been a while, huh ? About two years and a half since we left this place~

Sky : Indeed~ Annnd things have quite changed on our side... and only to the better, I might add~

Mod : Most definitely to the better~ I grew obese, Kyro grew obese and eh...

Sky : Nothing much on my side but I'm glad you two have many good times on Tumblr~

Kyro : Fuck yeah, I do, look at me ! Ah'm the sexiest Pyrotte of the goddamn place, I have lots of awesome -and also sexy- friends and oooh boy, all the sex, mmpf~

Mod : Oooh yeah~ SO ! If you people want to check us out...

Kyro : And if you're not a SJW or some shit like that >u<

Sky : Here are the links to our three Tumblrs~ [Not really active] [NSFW]

   Best regards
       ~Sky, Kyro, Mod
Ladies and Gentleman,

As the title imply, this will be the last piece of work you will see here on this DA.

Indeed, I'm leaving DA, probably forever.

Fear not though, my art will not stop ! If you wish to keep watching new art from me, get a Tumblr account and follow me on my "abandoned" Tumblr :

Also, I won't delete my DA account. I want my old art to stay here for you. And so you can keep track of the various story such as Kyro's Kid and The Walking Dead Team. Because no, The Walking Dead Team will not stop either ! Although the vote system will change considering the lack of comment system on Tumblr. This will be explained.

And if you really want a reason for my sudden's like my best friend Mikou : I'm tired of DA shit.

Don't get me wrong, I simply LOVED being here with you all by doing art, making stories, adventures and friends and it will not stop, it will simply move to a better location~

And now...squadala ! We're off to Tumblr ! (Kyro : Hooray~)

Cheers, Ladies and Gentlemen, it was amazing~


SFM Brony Spy
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
My pleasure to meet you, random visitor~

My name is Kayakazan, Brony, Spy, SFM and Gmod user~

Hope you will appreciate my Gmod/SFM work of my gallery. I have plenty and will surely make more about MLP, TF2 or both of them~

You are allowed to use my character in your work as long as you credit me in the description of your deviant and tell me before submitting.

:thumb377632509: Octavia : my most favorite pony~

Garry's Mod Stamp by TheRealBlack :thumb341070274: Proud user of Garry's Mod and SFM~

Request Open Stamp by SquirtleStamps
Check my journal for the details about requests !…

Hey ! Check out my Tumblr ! Contain Sexual Content. be careful !


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